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We have been around since 2009 and our company has grown into being a global leader in the provision of one stop online service globally. We have also relocated our headquarters from the United States to London, UK, and yet our top-notch services have remained the same as much as we are now covering over 200 countries! In fact, since 2010 alone, Swift Technician Ltd has been able to give help to over 100,000 customers from over 200 nations of the world to form limited liability companies and corporations. Apart from providing our services to those who want to form companies in the USA and the United Kingdom, we have also extended to India. You might also be outside these three countries and still need our services. To open a limited liability company or a corporation in any other nations of the world, you can always contact us today and we will help you accordingly!

More customers trust us daily and there is a reason for this considering we make their work so easy. Swift Technician Ltd is an IT solutions, business process outsourcing and internet service provider Company formerly located in Indiana's Elkhart, USA, but has since moved its headquarters to London, United Kingdom.

As one of the top leaders in One Stop online service across the world, we assure you that our company is the most available company that takes communication with its clients very seriously. In fact, we are essentially available seven days every week every 24 hours of the day on Live Chats. Our quality services are also very reliable and we keep our promise no matter what.

1. Featured Services

We are serving customers in over 200 countries around the world courtesy of our efficient, reliable and 100 percent guaranteed service. Our services include:

  • Reseller hosting support
  • VPS REMOTE tech support
  • Dedicated server support
  • MLM support service
  • Business formations service
  • IT support

Every service provided is of the highest quality and efficient apart from being the most affordable you will find anywhere. We understand you need to maximize your ROI and accomplish your goals on the internet and that's why we provide arguably every support you need to succeed on the internet.

2. Us with Others and Know How We are the Best

For over five years now Swift Technician Ltd has been offering its services across the world. The company is a One Stop online Service provider from wherever you might be around the world. Swift Tech knows you want to succeed in your business even without a big budget for support services and they are there to help. If you need to open a Corporation or a Limited Liability Company in any country in the world, especially India, USA and the United Kingdom, you can always contact them. Whatever you would like managed or completed on your behalf will be completely done for you without question.

How Swift Tech support features compare

In contrast with other service provides, Swift Tech's main features are way affordable and efficient than most. This is because they guarantee an uptime of 99.9 percent while their Linux hosting Plans are provided with MYSQL and PHP databases. Their Web hosting plans also support Content Management Systems such as Magento, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress among others while the custom hosting plans according to the needs of every client.

Every web hosting plan comes with sub-domains, FTP and email, including a 24/7 tech support whenever you need it. You are also provided with a free control panel, parked or add-on domain and database manager with 24/7 support in more than one local language. Swift Tech also provides free setup and installation of e-commerce and business websites as well as blogs, including a free web builder, email forwarding and web email service. Chat support, ticker and email support including phone support is also one of the features you enjoy with Swift Tech services plus MYSQL, Python, PHP, IMAP, SMTP and POP3 support.

You also get to enjoy tier 4 data centre with the most cutting edge technology while all your servers will be secured using a six phase security. Swift Tech’s clients also get a free .in domain, provided with any hosting plan bought. Above all, Swift Tech Ltd does not have hidden costs on any of its services and you can be sure there are no additional payments and setup fees of any kind.

In contrast with many companies that have not been able to penetrate the world market, Swift Tech's Business Services have been able to help over 100,000 professionals like you across the world to form limited liability companies and corporations. you have the choice to select the plan you feel will cater for your needs and see the business you have always wanted formed in India, USA, UK and any other place you might be thinking about investing in.

Looking for a virtual manager? Swift Tech's Problem-Solving Manager will surprise you as tasks are completed with a focus on accomplishing all your goals. Your company will be managed easily and affordably from any location around the world using the company policy currently in operation or readjust it if need be, to effectively govern while complying with regulations of the country and company.

If you have an account with FXopen, Instaforex and Forex.com, Swift Tech will trade on your behalf so that you can start seeing success right away with Forex! The only cost is a one time activation fee. Why Swift Tech? The company has been in the Forex market for over a decade and made over 250 percent profit return in the last 5 years trading on behalf of their customers, just like you.

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