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The Problem Solving Manager

The Problem-Solving Manager is task driven and focused on achieving goals. These problem-solvers are constantly putting out fires and leading their teams amidst chaos. The paradox here is this: It is often the manager who creates the very problems and situations that they work so hard to avoid. Continually providing solutions often results in the lackluster team performance they are working so diligently to eliminate. Discuss More Details Contact Us

The Proactive Manager

The Proactive Manager encompasses all the good qualities that the other types of managers possess, yet without their pitfalls.

Here are the characteristics this ideal manager embodies, which you should strive to develop yourself. The Proactive Manager possesses:

  • tickThe drive to support others and spearhead solutions like the Problem-Solving Manager
  • tickThe persistence, edge, and genuine authenticity of the Pitchfork Manager
  • tickThe enthusiasm, passion, charm, and presence of the Pontificating Manager
  • tickThe confidence of the Presumptuous Manager
  • tickThe knowledge, sales acumen, efficiency, focus, and passion of the Perfect Manager
  • tickThe respectfulness, sensitivity, nurturing ability, and humanity of the Passive Manager

The Proactive Manager is the ultimate manager and coach, and a testimonial to the skills and coaching competencies every manager needs to develop in order to build a winning team. Discuss More Details Contact Us

New Company Formation Manager

Appointing a nominee director will protect the identity of the working executives of your company. *

tick*Documents we can sign*
tickCompanies House documents
tickAccounts which have been prepared by your accountant
tickEmployment contracts for your company
tickCompany policies
tickContracts with customers
tickContracts with suppliers ****
tick*Documents we cannot sign*
tickApplications relating to VAT
tickBanking mandates *****
tickCT41G Corporation Tax forms
tickAgent forms which require authorisation
tickContracts for any goods purchased
tickTenancy contracts
tickMandates for Merchant Accounts
tickAnything which places a personal liability on the signatory

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Existing Company Manager

We will manage your current company no matter it location in the world using current company policy or re adjust at where require in order to govern and comply with company country regulations. Discuss More Details Contact Us

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