About Us

Swift Technician is an IT solution, an online service provider and a business process outsourcing company located in ELKHART, INDIANA, USA.

We are a duly established private company in conformity of the requirements and law set by 'The Corporation Code of the Indiana' dedicated to provide qualitative and quantitative IT solutions and professional services to individuals, businesses, organizations, companies or governmental units in need of the same.

Committed to Provide, Manage and Deliver

Here in Clientele and Partners we have technically experienced and innovative remote staff working hand in hand as a purpose-driven team giving the best results of both creativity and artistry to clients and businesses.

Reliable and Ambitious IT solution and Outsourcing Partner

Clientele and Partners, as an IT solutions, online service provider and a business process and back office outsourcing, although a new player to the outsourcing, offshore staffing and a IT solution service provider industry, nonetheless it strives to emerge as a first rate and world class online service provider of intelligent IT solutions, reliable offshore staffs and technical remote teams and business processes and back office outsourcing service. It features an innovative collaboration work system in approaching tasks and handling over client's projects and businesses by blending creativity and craft-artistry in its teams core values, enhanced efficiency and accuracy through continuous development that will make it an iconic delivery center of total client experience.

A Personalize Online Service Provider of Your Choice

Compare to the impersonal job market sites and apart from providing the right services and the right people for businesses and intelligent IT solutions it affords every businesses and clients their own personalize virtual confidence in the world of Information Technology out of Clientele and Partners result oriented and strong-performance driven managing team. The managing team make sure quality control, that productivity required are met and projects are delivered, tasks are rendered and that the people engaged therein are constantly and efficiently supervised and managed till the best IT solutions and impressed real end-user experience are satisfied.

Thus, in Clientele and Partners we don't just provide but we managed it for you.

Security and Credibility

In terms of matters of accountability and liability, should there be any, we have established a relationship with the local government of Iligan to further support our credibility and how sincere and genuine our service are through affording clients and businesses security and confidence.

We are professionally credible online semi-placement agency, where we directly respond to any concerns from clients and directly rely, communicate and carry out their directives to our staff concerned. Unlike in job market sites clients are left out to hope that jobs and tasks are done properly and accordingly.

In Clientele and Partners, we will secure your interest for your business is our business.

Furthermore, unlike job market sites, Clientele and Partners managed its people in one working environment, where every projects are managed and monitored by a project managers and all inquiries, concerns or directives are handled by a support team.

Our business brings offshoring to businesses like yours so you can:

  • save 75-80 per cent on the total cost of setting up a new staffing team
  • get the edge over your competitors as you strategically expand your business, increase profitability and enhance service delivery without the crushing costs (and lack of control of traditional outsourcing)
  • join big name companies around the world, like Hewlett Packard, JP Morgan, Macquarie Bank, Virgin, and Baker & McKenzie, who are seeing the sense in offshoring
  • make the most of the many benefits that well-managed offshoring can bring to your business
  • Swift Tech makes offshoring easier for you. Put simply: you manage your people; we manage everything else.

In the offshoring industry, we stand out for all the right reasons:

We have a narrow focus. We specialise in our niche markets and we don't spread ourselves too thin. We focus on the legal, accounting, major retail, and franchising industries because we know them inside out and we know how we can add real value.

We've walked the walk. Swift Tech got started because its Managing Director Robert Hynes needed to solve his own staffing expansion dilemmas for his Australian-based businesses. So we've been through the process for ourselves and we know it works. We offer real, practical experience in achieving business growth, increased profitability and enhanced service delivery through offshoring. So you know we're not just bluff and bluster; we've done it for our own bottom line.

We can anticipate your requirements. There are aspects to offshoring you might not yet realise you'll need. Like local change management. We understand what you'll need and how to manage it when the time comes. We take a long-range view to keep you moving forward.

We're not a catchall, we customise. We tailor our solutions to your business. We don't try to tailor your business to our solutions. There's a big difference. We work with you to customise an offshoring workforce strategy that works for you, whether you need full-time, part-time or some combination of staff.

We're dedicated to staff engagement and retention. Our outstanding facilities in Makati, Manila in the Philippines (chosen for its suitability to most western businesses) and our commitment to creating an engaging and positive workplace and culture are all geared to the long-term success of your offshore workforce strategy. Attracting and retaining great staff is our highest priority.